Friday, 15 June 2018

Day 4 - Infra Red and some more Bugs

Thursday morning was wet and miserable, so our group went in different directions - some in search of the elusive Dorchester Abbey (100 miles away in Dorchester on Thames, not the local town!),  others went to a swannery, but four of us went first to Hooke Park in search of misty-moisty atmospheric conditions.  As soon as we arrived there, the rain stopped and shortly afterwards, the sun came out! I took my infra red body and got atmosphere if not Mist & Moist!  I also captured some nature photographers in action!

Next we went to Powerstock Common which, as the morning warmed, was teeming with insects.  I was also very impressed with the sheer numbers of wild orchids - mostly Common Spotted, but nonetheless impressive for one used to the grain lands of Cambridgeshire!

Shield Bugs

Marbled White Butterfly

Six spot Burnet Moth

Common Spotted Orchids

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