Thursday, 12 October 2017


I visited Brandon Woods today in search of fungi. As in most years they were plentiful, though not as prolific as last year.  I also searched in vain for any Fly Agaric which I saw last year.  The Fly Agaric is not that rare, but it is one fungus which I could have identified positively.  No doubt more knowledgeable friends will sort out some ids for me.  The only one that I can identify positively is the stag's horn fungus in the last but one shot.  In the final shot I had spotted the slug gorging on mycelium, but I didn't see the tiny snail until I looked at the images at home.

First, two views of the same colony on rotting timber:

 on the forest floor:

This (on a well rotted tree stump) had a cap which is half the size of my little finger nail

 On the floor:

Tree-stump colony:

 The next 3 images were on the rotting end of a sawn off tree.  The Stag's horn may be seen in the first image to give some idea of scale:

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Lee Valley White Water Centre

Five of us from Cambridge Camera Club went to the Lee Valley White Water Centre on Friday. We were on the lookout for competitors practising for the British Canoe Slalom Championships which were happening over the weekend. Since I last visited, there are now ropes down both sides of the course to keep us away from the action! It seems that we must have safety training before being allowed inside the ropes.

The weather varied from bright sunshine to dark grey clouds in a matter of minutes and then back again.  The water takes on the colour of the sky, so varies considerably amongst these shots. At midday all of the gates on the course were removed and it was the turn of the so called "rafts" - actually large inflatable boats - which seemed to be chartered by groups (corporate team building exercises perhaps?) which were rather less photogenic.

Thursday, 11 May 2017

Early Summer Flowers

The early summer flowers are changing the face of our garden every day.  Beyond our garden most of the cherry blossom is now past, but there are plenty of other trees which reward closer inspection.  These photos were taken on the village recreation ground and in our garden except for the Chestnut and the May which were in the gardens of Anglesey Abbey