Sunday, 5 March 2017

Spring is Here!

It is always a pleasure to realise that the days are lengthening and the light is improving for those of us who spend winter Saturdays on the touch line photographing Rugby. Yesterday was such a day.  I didn't need to resort to high ISO shooting until close to the end of the game when the light  and the game (from the perspective of a Cambridge supporter) became increasingly gloomy.

Practising his dance moves

Hands up if you've just been outwitted!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

Infra Red in the Suffolk Countryside

Following an interesting talk at Cambridge Camera Club yesterday, I was moved by the combination of sunshine and blue sky with a few clouds to take out my infra-red converted camera for a walk before dusk.

Infra red converted cameras are sensitive to reflected infra-red and particularly foliage glows white as chlorophyll reflects lots of IR. Blue sky reflects very little, so ir rendered dark.
I am including some of each of the commonest IR presentation techniques.  Straight out of the camera for a surreal colouration (those with the red sky); channel swapped where I have rendered all of the red stuff in the original as blue and vice versa which returns a blue sky, but still fairly surreal; finally I have rendered most of the images in monochrome which gives dark skies and glowing vegetation.

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

National Memorial Arboretum

En route to Blackpool where we were staying for the PAGB Inter Club National Print Finals, we decided to break the journey at The National Arboretum to take in some autumn colour.  Unfortunately, the autumn colour failed to live up to our hopes as most of the trees are still young.  The fact the the central memorial was also closed for maintenance prior to the Remembrance Day events was also disappointing.  Having said that I would certainly return if travelling up the M6 Toll road - the food was good and it was certainly a pleasant place to explore