Thursday, 12 October 2017


I visited Brandon Woods today in search of fungi. As in most years they were plentiful, though not as prolific as last year.  I also searched in vain for any Fly Agaric which I saw last year.  The Fly Agaric is not that rare, but it is one fungus which I could have identified positively.  No doubt more knowledgeable friends will sort out some ids for me.  The only one that I can identify positively is the stag's horn fungus in the last but one shot.  In the final shot I had spotted the slug gorging on mycelium, but I didn't see the tiny snail until I looked at the images at home.

First, two views of the same colony on rotting timber:

 on the forest floor:

This (on a well rotted tree stump) had a cap which is half the size of my little finger nail

 On the floor:

Tree-stump colony:

 The next 3 images were on the rotting end of a sawn off tree.  The Stag's horn may be seen in the first image to give some idea of scale: