Sunday, 24 August 2014

Pre-season Rugby at CRUFC

I usually confine my rugby shots to the CRUFC website, but that is misbehaving this morning, so I am posting a sub-set from yesterday's two games against Old Albanians here until it is repaired.  There were two games, the first of which Cambridge won (in black) and the second was won by the OAs.  Some players featured in both games and a few sadly featured in A & E.

Stef Liebenberg returns after a 5 year absence; we all hope that the hand injury which he picked up won't keep him out for long:

Steve the Swerve demonstrating where the Hip in Hipwell comes from:

Luckily we have more than one capable Scrum Half:

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Storm clouds from London Bridge

On Tuesday evening I went to London Bridge in search of shots of the new icons of the city which appeared in a previous blog (Reflections...), but I also managed to get very wet by being caught in the middle of the Bridge as two separate storms moved through two hours apart - some people never learn!

Friday, 15 August 2014

Borough Market

I managed to escape to Borough Market at lunchtime on Tuesday.  I was a little disappointed with the photos that I got - I was hoping for some more interesting people shots,  I need to return on a day when I am not clock-watching.  The roof of the market area seems to me to have a lot of photographic potential as well - the Mono HDR image shows some of what I was trying to get, but I am very conscious of HDR looking over-processed.  The busker playing in front of the old photos of the market seemed to work well for me.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Reflecting on the City of London

Starting from the South Side of London Bridge I worked my way up to The Lloyds building and the Cheese-Grater and then back, looking for some of the modern icons of London.  I found the the reflections of the buildings were as much fun to capture as the buildings themselves and this blog reflects (!) that.