Friday, 23 May 2014

Corporate Golf near Rotterdam

This week I have been photographing a corporate conference at the World Trade Centre in Rotterdam.  On day -1 there was a Golf tournament which I was asked to cover - I've never photographed golf before but was happy to have a go - they even provided me with a buggy so that I could whizz around between the groups. Clearly, some were better golfer than others and it was also clear to me at the prize-giving afterwards that it was the competent players who made the best photos!

I also tried a few "arty" shots of people putting

Finally, I discovered a corollary to Wilson's law of Bird Identification (there are only two species - ducks which have webbed feet and are found near water and sparrows which don't and don't); on golf courses there are three species - the birdie, the eagle and the albatross.  I got very lucky and was able to photograph one of each: