Sunday, 22 May 2016

Adam's story - the Grafman Triathlon

I spent today beside Graham Water in the company of Kate, Arthur and Elsie whilst Adam completed the "Grafman" Half Ironman Triathlon.  This comprised a 1.9km swim, a 91 km bike ride followed by a half marathon (21 km) run.  Adam completed the course in 6 hours 13 minutes and 38 secs.  I arrived after the swim had started, so my photographic record starts with Adam in the Transition area after his swim as he changes to get on his bike for the second phase.  The Transition Area is a large compound where all of the athletes kit lives whilst they are completing each stage.  It is policed by "Technical Officials" who ensure that the minutiae of the rules are obeyed

Having met up with Kate and the children we went out to the road, to catch Adam on his return from the first short leg to the bike ride:

Now we went to have breakfast whilst we knew that our hero would be absent for about three hours. Then after 2:59:09 min the saddle, he was back in Transition to prepare for the run:

And then, he's up and running.  The course consists of two unequal loops which together make up 10.5km, so are run twice:

After the first lap is looking very weary - perhaps  he is anticipating the climb which starts the second lap.

Towards the end of the first loop of the second lap he looks much better

And then - the finish! Arthur joins him for the run up the funnel to the Finish and earns his own medal!  Adam and his friend Jem enjoy the competitor's reward of a pint of (alcohol-free) lager

Friday, 20 May 2016

Cottage garden

Having moved (hopefully for the last time!) in March, we are relishing the garden which is well stocked with surprises.  A traditional cottage garden, I am finding great pleasure in just wandering around each morning to discover what's new.  Yesterday, I took out my camera to try out a particular lens - the Olympus Zuiko 75-300 f/5.3-6.7  I have been yearning for the 40-150 f/2.8, but feel that following our house move I had better be sensible!  I was pleased with the differential focus separation achieved with the 75-300 when used wide open, but also the lens is giving me nice sharp rendering of the principal subject.  I never cease to be amazed by the Olympus OMD's image stabilisation system which enabled me to take all of these shots hand held with a lens which is equivalent to a 150-600mm focal length on a full frame camera: for non-photographers who are reading this, there is a convention that the shutter speed should never be less than 1/(focal length), so this first shot would have to be 1/600 or less - it was actually taken at 1/160, or 4 x the time required without image stabilisation
ISO 400 300mm f/6.7 1/160

ISO 400 300mm f/6.7 1/320

ISO 400 300mm f/6.7 1/320

ISO 400 75mm f/6.3 1/500

ISO 400 5/6.7 1/125

ISO400 75mm f/6.3 1/100

ISO 400 156mm f/6.3 1/160

ISO 400 132mm f/6.3 1/80

Sunday, 8 May 2016

Daniel's Birthday Bash

What should a chap do when he's two? He asks a selection of cousins, aunts and uncles to a tea party at Grandma's house of course! Pizza, Olives, Hula-hoops, Grapes, Cake and Chocolate fingers - what more could a modern young chap dream of!