Monday, 13 April 2015

A walk around the Greenwich Peninsula

A group from Cambridge Camera Club, bristling with lenses and ambition went to Canary Wharf (briefly) and then to the Cutty Sark and thence around the Greenwich Peninsula via to Royal Navel College where we took in the Painted Hall and the Chapel and the Trafalgar pub where we took in beer & sandwiches; we went as far as the Milennium Dome where we caught the Emirates cable car ride back to the North bank for a welcome meal and back to out cars and home.  Many thanks to Alan and Pat Clarke who had clearly done their homework and provided plausible answers to all of the  idiotic questions we posed!

I took an infra-red camera (all the monochrome shots) and a (more) normal DSLR

First a few from around Canary Wharf - the reflections were working well in high sunlight just prior to midday

After a brief ride on the DLR we arrived at the Cutty Sark

and thence to the Royal Naval College Chapel:

 Everywhere there is evidence of the redevelopment of the Greenwich Peninsula

And occasional reminders of its past...

It looks as though the Cambridge crew were so far behind in the Boat Race that there coach has told them to find their own way home

What a lot of Bankers!

Penrose tiling to be seen on Ravensbourne College next to the Dome

Reflections of the Royal Victoria Dock in The Crystal building

And now for some IR