Monday, 5 April 2010

Photographing water

I spent an hour this afternoon photographing moving water in an effort to learn how to handle the effects of shutter speed with fast moving water.

This first shot was taken at 1 sec at f32 - I like the effect of the snowdrift below, but it would probably have been even better had I spotted the polythene bag caught on the driftwood!

The next shot is a different part of the same weir at 1/40 at f5.6 - I like the glassy effect of the falling water, but the water at the bottom is neither one thing nor the other - not so good!

These next 2 shots  show a much sparser part of the weir which seemed to be almost ready to dry up with the naked eye;  the first shot is 1/2 sec at f15 (ISO200), the second 1/640 at f15 (ISO800) and has managed to freeze some water droplets in mid air

Now a couple of shots of larger volumes of water - the first showing the conjunction of two sources from different parts of the same weir and the second showing the rush of water coming through the sluices above Silver Street Bridge. Both were shot with a shutter speed of 1/2 second

Finally something a little more tranquil - as I walked back to my car, a shaft of sunlight broke through and lit up the willows against the glowering gray sky:

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