Sunday, 29 September 2013

Bottisham Church

Took some photos of Bottisham Church for Daniel Spreadbury for possible use in publicising a  concert by Cantilena Singers on November 30th

The sun was bright, so everything was very High contrast both inside and outside so I resorted to HDR Efex Pro for all of these shots. Each shot is an amalgam of 3 different exposures.  I'm afraid that the last outside one looks a bit too much like the cover of a lurid novel - perhaps that needs a rework!

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Rugby's back!

Not only was rugby back to Cambridge yesterday, but Cambridge were back to winning ways against Canterbury - a pleasant change after the past two seasons.  These were a few of my favourite shots - mostly taken with my new shiny lens!

A couple of faces in the crowd

Captain Ross opens his score for the season

Well - it wasn't all plain sailing - Dan Brotherton's reaction to knocking on a pass within sniffing distance of the line (he did score a cracker earlier in the game)

James Stokes swerving around the Canterbury fullback

Albert Portsmouth attracting the attentions of the Canterbury defence

Jamal Ford-Robinson making a crowd-pleasing break - everyone loves a prop at speed!

Rob Conquest escaping from the Canterbury defence