Sunday, 23 October 2016

Photographing Fungi in Brandon Country Park

On Friday morning four of us went to Brandon Country Park (in Thetford Forest) in search of fungi and hoping to avoid the downpours which were forecast.  In the event, we were spoilt for choice with respect to the fungi - once you left the path, you could hardly walk without treading on fungi and the weather held of until just before we left.  I learned a lot about the fungi, though I am still ignorant regarding the species I was photographing apart from the easily distinguished bright red hallucinogenic fly agaric with its white spots and the delightful fircone fungi which grow on (presumably last year's) fircones - the fircones we found were about the size of the top joint of my thumb and populated with masses of tiny fungi.  The bright yellow fungi at the end are stag's horn fungi which were growing on a tree stump - each one is about 5mm high.  A few "autumn in the woods" shots thrown in for good measure!

For those interested, these were all taken on my Olympus OM-D E-M1, mostly using the 60mm macro lens (fircones using focus stacking)

A few autumn shots

And some more fungi

A fly agaric emerging