Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Half Term Outing with Arthur and Joshua - Shepreth Wildlife Park

If it's half term Tuesday, then it's time for an outing with Arthur (5) and Joshua (3.5).  This week we decided to go to Shepreth Wildlife Park where I was playing with my Olympus OMD and 75-300 zoom lens.

The first animals we found were the irresistible meerkats, and then immediately came upon the porcupines which were so close that the lens was just too long.

Arthur then took Joshua firmly in hand to go to find the tigers one of which was obligingly relaxing in preparation for her first meal for three days which would be served a couple of hours later.we were able to get onto the bridge which gives a good high level view over the enclosure.

On to the Red Panda, the wonderful Snowy Owl, the buzzard and a large rodent like beast which sat up to pose for me, but whose name escapes me (prompt me someone!)

A quick visit to the play area and then lunch.

After we had eaten it was lunch time for the big cats.  I was interested that they made the tigers' task of finding their food (if not catching it) challenging.  Even thought the printed paper sacks containing the raw meat didn't generally contribute to naturalistic photos, I thought that the first shot did look a little like an old gent eating his breakfast whilst reading the Daily Telegraph.  All of the feeding shots were taken through square mesh safety fence, so are essentially tight crops down to a single cell in the mesh.  A little retrofitted vignetting reduces the effect of the wire.


  1. Nice photos, like the grandkids. Are you happy with the sharpness and noise of some photos? Not easy to tell from the small images. I am on my way to the same park today on my own (for a change).

  2. I am happy so far - with the 75-300 hand held I find that I am often shooting at ISO 2400 or 3200 to acquire a short enough shutter speed. The noise I get from high ISO is easily eliminated in Lightroom. The lens could be sharper at times, but then its price as compared to the much praised 75-150 f/2.8 with 1.4x converter is significant