Friday, 12 October 2018

Autumn's coming!

I visited Brandon Woods this morning in search of Fungi.  When I arrived I saw that they are advertising guided fungus foraging tomorrow, so I set out optimistic that there would be lots to see.  Although I found some, there were nowhere near as many as I have seen in previous years, so I hope that those paying £25 each tomorrow have better luck!  However there was enough to keep me busy for a few hours and I was pleased to eventually find some fly agaric emerging under an enormous beech tree.  It is interesting to see how their white "warty" spots develop from a white skin covering the whole fungus which is split into spots as it grows.  I shall return to Brandon next week to observe changes.  I think that I should be hoping for rain?

And now those Fly Agarics...

There were lots of other signs of autumn to be seen:


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  1. Thanks for doing the Recce for the 19th Chris!! good photos especially the Fly Agaric series