Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Half Term Visit to Linton Zoo

We took all of the grandchildren except Barnie to Linton Zoo today.  Linton Zoo is set up primarily as a conservation and breeding centre for endangered species, rather than an entertainment.

For photographic purposes the big cats are always attractive and the Lions obliged whilst enjoying and after lunch rest.  To lose the inevitable mesh between the camera and the cat, I opened the lens wide and focused manually on the cat, but the lions insisted on posing in front of the distant fence. The Amur Tiger was more obliging in her chosen rest spot. On the cuteness scale, the Crowned Lemur and the cotton-topped Tamarind took a lot of beating

The senior male lion sunbathing - one of his wives behind

 Up comes his son...

 A gentle reminder of wh is boss...

The Amur Tigress (endangered species) the largest remaining tiger species living in Northern China, North Korea and Russia

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  1. Great pics. It’s amazing that you can shoot through a chain link fence.. I once shot a whole 5-a-side football tournament through a fence without any of it being visible. There’s something’s about big cats, though ...